Architectural Millwork Drafting Services

Architectural Millwork Drafting Services & Casework Shop Drawings

Eng-Source is a cost-effective solution for helping your company create shop drawings for millwork projects. Our team of 1,500+ expert contractors can help with both millwork drafting and millwork shop drawing services on an as-needed basis.

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About Custom Millwork Drafting and Shop Drawing Services by Eng-Source

First, let’s have a quick look of what millwork services are all about. The definition of millwork is a woodmill-produced building construction. Its interior finish components are doors, baseboards, mantels, window casings and crown molding – anything that is fixed and attached to the interior of the building.

Now, if you are looking for a customized millwork service provider, exactly what does it entail? If you’re part of the architectural millwork industry, if you’re a home builder, a real estate developer or an architectural firm, you can rely on ENG-Source to finish CAD services for these projects for you.

Our expert team of professional CAD drafters who can create accurate drawings with up-to-the-minute details for the following industries and buildings:

  • Architectural millwork drafting services
  • Commercial millwork drafting services
  • Engineering and shop drawing services
  • Home, religious or multi-unit housing buildings drafting
  • Tenant building drafting services
  • Mixed-use buildings

The primary tool used by our team of millwork finishers are AutoCAD, with the assistance of similar software like Microstation, CATIA, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Revit and BIM software.

Benefits of Customized Millwork Design Next, what are the benefits of having customized millwork design? When AutoCAD or a similar tool is used, it gives any project a distinct, excellent quality. This is especially true if the drafter is very detail-oriented – which all of our employees are.

For the individual project engineers who are having custom millwork done, the design states the difference between haphazard work and a high-quality finish. When you have customized millwork design for the moldings, trim, railings, base, caps, casings and other trimming, the clients will see how much attention you are paying to detail. In an industry which is very competitive, such qualities stand out.

If your floor plan has a hallway, for example, custom millwork can give you a detailed photographic sketch of how the moldings and trimmings on the wall would look like. Instead of having just plain corners, these trimmings and moldings which have intricate patterns and designs will make your project stand out.

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