Electrical Drafting, Design & Engineering

Electrical Drafting, Design & Engineering Services

Electrical design is one of the most critical elements of many successful engineering projects. With today’s current emphasis on green business practices and energy conservation, electrical engineering is swiftly becoming a touchpoint for many companies. Whether you are conducting an energy audit to help clients lower costs and improve energy efficiency or designing retrofits to help businesses be more sustainable, you need knowledgeable electrical design professionals to guide you. In fact, we can also provide maintenance and repair for electronic components in buildings, devices, vehicles and systems through our professionals who are well-versed in current codes and technology. Our staff can tackle any electrical design project–large or small–and enable your employees to focus on more critical aspects of your project.

2D Drafting Services
Electrical drafting services are necessary in almost all building projects, whether commercial, industrial, residential or municipal. Many architects, engineers, and contractors rely on accurate drawings to take their projects to successful completion. Besides layouts for lighting and fixtures, our talented team of drafters can provide terminations diagrams, control circuits, panel schedules, material lists and more. We can work from AutoCAD files, DWG, PDF, TIFF, JPEG and other image files, scanned images and even hand drawn sketches and provide output in the format you require for your particular project.

Electrical Design Services
Our professionals follow applicable standards for all designs provided to you. We can design lighting systems, power systems, power distribution systems, fire protection systems and even public address, access control, or closed circuit television designs.

Building Electrical Design Services
Because our designers have the most current software at their fingertips, we can provide faster layouts and include important elements such as local building codes, regional standards and appropriate electrical symbols where applicable. Our designs can include the electrical layout, plans and design diagrams, lighting system integration, specifications, electrical and lighting calculations and all the engineering documentation you need to implement your project efficiently and cost-effectively.

Electrical CAD Drawings
It doesn’t matter how large or small your project is–our team can provide as many, or as few, CAD drawings as you need for implementation. Whether you need schematic symbol diagrams or site planning services; electrical planning and lighting set-up diagrams; or just wiring diagrams–we’re your source for accurate drawings in synch with the latest trends in the industry.

Electrical Lighting Design
From electrical design for power, lighting and signal systems to full distribution system design and coordination studies, there are a whole spectrum of tasks that can be handled by our experienced team members. Not only can our professionals provide lighting design for interior or exterior applications for stores, residences, offices and warehouses but for any application that requires electrical lighting.

Electrical Schematics
Current codes and regulations require that electrical schematic drawings be provided on all constructed spaces. This can include housing schematics, electrical planning with lighting set-up diagrams, ladder logic drawings and wiring diagrams, among others. You will have the latest software and technology available to you through our dedicated professionals and we can offer quick turnaround times for your convenience.

Control Panel Design
Good control panel design is key for proper power distribution and energy efficiency. Our team can design control panels for commercial and industrial spaces; security systems; and lighting, telephone and computers plus any additional panels you may require for your custom project. Our skilled designers work with a variety of different panel types including PLC, VFD, distribution board, power factor, AC drive and wire drawing machine control panels to give you a complete spectrum of panel design services.

Outsourcing your electrical design service needs just makes sense. It can allow a small design company to offer more services–giving you an innovative way to take on larger firms head-to-head. It can also take some of the pressure off your full-time employees so that they have time to work on more critical project issues or even provide more effective customer service. Click the “Get a Quote” button now and take your company’s services to the next level.

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