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Architectural CAD Drafting, 3D Design & Shop Drawing Services

Many people are mislead by the title of “Architectural Services” since they often assume these type of services are used only by architects and consultants. Fact is, many specialties offered under this category are in high demand by builders, contractors, real estate developers and engineers as well as the architectural community.

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to meet all the pivotal needs for an individual or company that is following an architectural design process. Choosing from our hand-picked group of highly trained professionals can save your business time and money by reducing overhead and equipment expenses and freeing your staff to focus on more critical elements of your project or business plan.

2D Drafting Services A large number of businesses require simple and cost-effective 2D CAD drafting services to complete small projects, start the ball rolling on larger ones and provide subconsultants, contractors and other project personnel with an accurate representation of the design. Our 2D drafting professionals can provide you with drawings based on your in-house standards in the format you require.

3D Rendering Services For the next step in visualization, a 3D model will enable you, your team or your client to accurately visualize the completed project. Particularly relevant for commercial, industrial and residential buildings, a 3D model with the addition of realistic lighting, texturing and shadowing allow for a stunning photorealistic image. These images can provide instant impact to any presentation and allow clients and project teams to fully envision the finished project. Best of all, because you are choosing from our select team, you will have access to the very latest software and technology without having to shoulder the expense and burden of constant upgrades.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)/Revit Although BIM has been around since the 1970s, it wasn’t widely implemented until the late 1980s, where it remained in the purview of the largest companies in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Simply put, this technology allows a digital representation of both the physical and functional characteristics of your project. The use of BIM lets your project team examine a virtual information model and add discipline-specific data to the shared model, minimizing loss of information and increasing project accuracy. Our BIM professionals use various software to achieve this goal, including the highly sought Autodesk Revit program.

Building Energy Modeling In our current environment of energy conservation and “green” standards, providing clients with energy efficient buildings can save them money in energy costs through the life of the structure. Energy modeling, simply put, is a computer model of the energy use of a structure over a year’s time. Using this technology can allow project teams to optimize building design and manage project budget dollars to effect the greatest energy cost savings for clients. Our skilled professionals can provide your team with measurable, timely and unbiased information that will allow you to give your clients the “greenest” footprint for their building.

Custom Millwork Drawings Services If you need a set of architectural millwork drawings for custom cabinets, store fixtures, architectural woodwork elements, offices, paneling, doors and frames, or any other application, our team can provide accurate drawings to your standards in DWG, DXF or PDF formats. These drawings include not only wood, but glass and metal parts where necessary, and are detail-oriented for error-free buildout.

3D Flythrough A 3D flythrough can dazzle clients with crystal clear images and virtual reality design elements. These photo-perfect presentations can help you detail the full story of your design, structure, property or vision. Most can be presented as a DVD as well as an interactive, web-based design suitable for publication on web pages and all add superior impact to any proposal or project.

3D Medical Rendering Many health professionals and companies serving the medical and health industry require 3D medical images for presentations, trade shows, education and marketing. Medical rendering can present difficult to photograph medical images, procedures and also pharmaceuticals and teaching models in a high impact, full color 3D image suitable for print, multimedia use and even video. Our professionals have access to the latest modeling software to provide fully rendered medical images for your application.

Our team also provides:

3D Modeling Building Envelope Design Shop Drawings Custom House Plan Design Architectural Landscape Design Photomontage Design Architectural Animation 3D Walkthrough Architectural Illustration

Let our highly trained team of architectural services providers assist you or your team in providing the latest, most technologically advanced products to implement your project or design your vision. Why pay high overhead, equipment and technology costs when you can hire the best in the industry at a click of a button?

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