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Workforce Solutions
Eng-Source offers a number of service alternatives to help support the drafting, design and engineering needs within your business. Choose the solution that best fits your company’s needs.
Client Solutions
Assignment Based Solutions
Assignment Based Solutions

Assignment Based Solutions are negotiated based on a project value & intended for specific projects with a well defined scope.

Budget Solutions
Time Allocation Solutions
Time Allocation Solutions

Purchase equivalent blocks of engineering time ranging from as little as 40 hours to 1/4 person or multiple full time staff.

You have up to one year to utilize your time which can be applied to any Eng-Source professional with the speciality changed as needed.

Time Solutions
Small Project Solutions
Small Project Solutions

For small assignment / project specific solutions we offer CAD Crowd -a self managed system that lets you state what you want to pay for your project and allows a pool thousands of professionals to furnish proposals.

“Fast and Extremely Cost Effective”

Small Projects
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