Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Services & MEP Drafting

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Design Services & MEP Drafting

Being able to offer the dynamic combination of mechanical, electrical and plumbing design can significantly boost your company’s revenue. Also known as “building services engineering” in the UK, Australia and Canada, companies that offer HVAC, lighting and plumbing design professionals remain consistently in demand, even in a sluggish economy.

Why not use our wide range of MEP services to add value to your company’s current offerings? Mechanical services go far beyond traditional HVAC and plant systems design to include thermal storage, geothermal heat exchange, fluid dynamics modeling, process engineering and other necessary service products. In the electrical engineering arena, our electrical professionals can help round out your team by adding services that will maximize cost savings on your project by providing information in the form of reliability and redundancy studies, point of failure analysis, power quality analysis and capacity and demand analysis.

Plumbing design professionals provide standard services to support sanitary systems and storm drainage, but can also add value by helping you focus on green technologies through water conservation and gray water systems, pure water systems and even black water systems. In fact, designing a structure or system for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is a marketing goldmine–one within your reach if you outsource your MEP services needs through us. Choosing our team of professionals will allow you to provide your clients with a project that represents lower operating costs, increased asset value, and makes them more competitive in their market.

MEP Design Services
Do you need innovative solutions for you or your client’s MEP design? Let our staff of trained professionals help you develop a cost-effective design or even retrofit an existing building or system. Our designers can tackle any size project and have produced designs for government, industry, commercial, municipal and residential applications.

MEP BIM Services
When you need an accurate 3D model of an HVAC, electrical or plumbing system to visualize critical systems and functionality, our team has you covered. With our BIM services, we can give you a combination of 3D geometry, spacial relationships and geographical information that can assist in enhanced coordination between disciplines. Being able to accurately visualize the finished product can resolve potential conflicts and remedy design flaws before buildout, resulting in cost and time savings.

HVAC Load Calculation
You need to consider every aspect of thermal characteristics when designing your building, whether it is an industrial plant, a residence or an office building. An experienced professional in the area of HVAC load calculation can give an accurate estimate of a structure’s heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer to allow for the most cost-effective HVAC system design. Load calculation also considers geographic location, duct leakage, lights, and the structure’s orientation to the sun as well as consideration for the number of people expected to inhabit the structure. This will allow you to correctly determine the amount of air needed to properly heat and cool your structure and match the need with a properly sized HVAC system to maximize cost savings.

Electrical Services
If you need to work with utilities, build or design a power system, determine the correct lighting for a project or manage any of the multitude of services provided by an electrical professional, you may want to outsource your needs to someone who specializes in the exact skill you require for your project. Rather than relying on a general electrical consultant, you have the option of retaining someone who has specific experience–one of the many benefits of outsourcing with our capable team of professionals.

Plumbing Services
To round out your MEP team, consider a plumbing design professional that can offer system design and drain design for residential, industrial and municipal application. Service water piping, sewage disposal, fire protection and even specialty piping are typical project elements our team provides.

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Outsourcing your MEP needs is a smart way to give added value to your client through cost savings and by providing team members with unique and hard-to-find skill sets. Rules and regulations are constantly changing in this industry, particularly with the advent of LEED certifications and the current international focus on green energy and water solutions. You can be sure that our team members are up-to-date on all current regulations and have the latest software technology at their fingertips to provide you and your clients with the most relevant experience. Start team-building today with one simple click!

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