More Design, Drafting & Engineering Services

More CAD Drafting, Design & Engineering Services
The CAD services industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the technical community. With so many CAD sourcing companies outsourcing to far-flung locations such as Indonesia, the Philippines and India in order to offer bottom-of-the-barrel pricing while sacrificing quality, it is important to know where your tech professionals are located. Although a CAD designer from another country may work for pennies, they are often ill-equipped to handle technologically challenging work. At times, even simple tasks cause confusion and errors due to language and culture barriers. Working with employees in a vastly different time zone also causes time delays and results in missed deadlines.

Having a CAD professional that is based in the United States or Canada is a key component of a successful project. Live talks, while not always necessary, are easily accomplished and directions are able to be clearly understood. In addition, if there are questions about the scope or complexity of the job, these can be sorted out and resolved to minimize errors and time delays due to reworking.

Our experienced CAD professionals are available to work on any size project, from small to mid-size or highly complex. They have the latest technology at their fingertips and are knowledgeable of current codes, standards, and requirements. Some of the services we offer include:

Process Engineering Services
In order to streamline your manufacturing process to maximize safety, cost-effectiveness and production, employ one of our team members to create a process design. Beginning with a CAD layout design and moving on to simulated automation, assembly process, robotics and more, our highly trained professionals can provide you with the proper process to most efficiently get your product built.

CAD Drafting Services
In today’s technologically savvy environment, you need a mechanical drawing to do more than just delineate a design. You need a document that is easy to modify and revise; simple to reproduce for all members of a project team; easy to archive and retrieve and, if necessary, modify and revise. Planning your project with the use of a CAD drafting service can deliver all of these elements, resulting in improved efficiency and reduction in errors. For those businesses currently using hand-drawn plans or blueprints, it can take your operation to the next level by freeing up designers to work on other aspects of the project. For small operations that don’t need a full-time draftsman or large companies that need a qualified professional to handle overflow, our team provides an excellent alternative to full-time hires.

CAD Conversion Services
We have a full range of CAD conversion services that not only include converting CAD files from one file type to another (DWG to DGN for instance), but also raster to vector conversions. We can even take your hand drawings or blueprints and convert them into CAD files to make them easily shareable and manageable to archive. We also provide conversion from 2D to 3D for those times when you need greater depth of detail for a particular project or you want to add impact to a presentation or proposal.

CAD Redlines and Revisions
Streamline your review process by letting our drafting professionals add redlines and markups directly to your CAD files. This allows for continuity through the document as revisions are completed and gives you greater control over quality management.

3D Modeling Services
Our CAD professionals can provide 3D models for application across industries such as automotive, marine, process industries, medical, electronics, building and more. Using a 3D model improves the design process by reducing the potential for human error by more fully communicating the completed design. 3D design is easier for non-technical staff to understand, which promotes communication among the project team and between consultant and client.

Product Design Services
Our team of CAD design professionals can help take your product from concept to full scale manufacturing through this process. By using tools throughout the lifecycle of the product–concept, prototype, testing, and manufacturing–our designers can deliver superior results for a high-quality end product that can meet your price targets.

Other services we offer include:

Technical Diagrams
CAD Design
Furniture Design Rendering

Every engineered project begins with sound CAD documents. To ensure that you have the highest quality, reliable starting point for your next important endeavor, choose the CAD professionals you can rely on. You’re just a click away from a great new start to your next project!

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