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Eng-Source is a cost-effective and reliable solution to turbo-charge your company’s building envelope operations. Our team of expert contractors can help with your company create shop drawings for latest commercial, industrial and residential building envelope projects.

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Building envelope design, custom millwork services, shop drawing, 2D drafting, 3D modelling and 3D rendering – these are the specific services offered at ENG-Source. Our goal as a company is to increase your business’ engineering horsepower, that is why we give you access to thousands of designers, CAD experts, drafters, engineers, architects and other professionals in the field who efficiently and creatively finish a project for you. Here, we will take a closer look at the building envelope design principles that we follow, and dish out some insider tips on how our service stands out in this area.

Building Envelope Design Principles

First, what exactly is a building envelope and what is its role in construction? Also called building enclosure, the building envelope physically separates the interior and exterior environments of a building. Serving as the outer shell, it helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside the structure as the design keeps the elements away.

Think of an upright envelope with the triangular tip placed on top. This is the interior space and the edge shields the house away from the rain. One angled side of the roof maximizes the use of the sun, while the other side shields the structure from wind and wind-driven rain. With such a shape, the interior is separated from the exterior and air, moisture and heat is managed between them.

Here are the principles behind a successful building envelope design:

  • Architectural orientation and styles are considered. A good building envelope design takes into account the orientation and style of the building’s architecture. Be it a residential or commercial building, the design of the envelop should coincide with the main vision of the architect or civil engineer in designing the structure.
  • A sustainable or green design is employed. Since the main purpose of a building envelope is to separate the interior and exterior environments, it should also separate environmental conditions in an eco-friendly manner. Through exposure loading design, the exterior conditions like moisture, rain, humidity, temperature, wind, sunlight and rain will all be properly managed. When it comes to the building’s interiors, temperature, moisture and light are the elements which are controlled. Another aspect of a sustainable design is having locally-sourced materials which are resistant to degradation. They should also be recyclable or reusable.
  • Heating and venting strategies are observed. To properly control the interior and exterior-affecting elements, heating and venting strategies are observed in a typical building envelope design.
  • Future requirements are taken into consideration. More importantly, the building envelope design should be able to adapt to future changes.

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