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Architectural 3D Rendering Services: 3D Architectural Drafting and Design Services

 If you’re looking for 3D rendering services, you can never go wrong when hiring an expert with Eng-Source. Read on to find out what it is, and what benefits you should expect when taking advantage of our 3D rendering services. Click this link to check out our architectural 3D rendering and drafting services portfolio.

3D Rendering: The Basics

First, what exactly is 3D rendering? Also called 3D architectural rendering, this is a type of two-dimensional illustration which shows a completed drawing in realistic, photographic 3D detail. If you’re planning to have a bungalow-type residence built, you can have the plan rendered in 3D so that you will see what the house looks like even before it is built.

In architecture, a 3D-rendered image is a visualization that represents how a finished project will appear. Prior to the development of 3D rendering software, architectural renderings were made by hand. Since programs like CAD, AutoCAD and similar software were introduced in the market, it has become less tedious, easier and more accurate for designers to come up with these visualizations.

Next, what’s the importance of rendering an image in 3D? First of all, the workload of designers, architects and engineers are cut in half when they use any type of software to create these three dimensional images. Aside from reducing workload, manpower and the time that it takes for a project to be finished, having that visualization even before the groundbreaking ceremony is held makes the builders more efficient in coming up with such end results. Possible problems are eliminated or at least minimized, because the calculations rendered by the computer software when it comes to the structure’s measurements are a lot more accurate.

For the marketers, 3D-rendered images help a lot in selling a particular property or any type of design. The more realistic and highly detailed the image is, the better. What’s even more is that the ‘futuristic’ image gets clients excited about the end result of the project.

A Few Important Pointers about 3D Rendering

If you have no idea about what 3D rendering is, remember that it is entirely different from the 3D images used in Hollywood blockbuster films. For 3D cinema, characters are shot with a green screen behind them, and the technology allows computer animators to insert amazing graphics along with the live actors.

With 3D rendering, the process takes a very long time even if the designer is using ultra-fast computers. This is due to the fact that the 3D rendering software is photographing each pixel of the image. A door, for example, would have several layers including the skeleton, the outer surface, the painted exterior and the other visible parts like the doorknob. If each of these parts is photographed on a per-pixel basis, the process will naturally take a very long time.

Take Full Advantage of the Expert 3D Rendering Services of ENG-Source

At ENG-Source, 3D rendering is one of the many services that we provide to our clients. To make sure that your 3D rendering project will turn out to be a resounding success, we will employ a pool of experts to meet your particular design requirements.

Whether it’s a simple one-bedroom apartment, a very detailed interior design for the living room, or the interior, exterior and landscape of a huge hotel – our technicians and 3D artists can render the images for you.

What makes 3D-rendered images standout is the attention to detail, and this is something that we can assure to do for you as a client. The rates for our 3D rendering services are also surprisingly reasonable, so you would not have to go beyond the budget that you have for the project.

Furthermore, the team of drafters, artists and technicians that we have can help you render in 3D the following images and more:

– Architectural illustrations.

  • Floor plan rendering services
  • Furniture drafting services
  • Interior and exterior rendering services
  • Interactive rendering
  • Product modelling and rendering
  • 360-degree panorama views.

Finally, who are the professionals who take advantage of the 3D rendering services offered by ENG-Source? This consists of a variety of professions including real estate agents, retailers, Internet marketers, civil engineers, architects and general contractors. AutoCAD, Revit and TrueCADD are the most popular software used for 3D rendering, although other brands are also available.

No matter how complex or simple the scale of your 3D rendering project is, you can rest assured that ENG-Source has the manpower, technical skills and tools to create outstanding, detail-oriented images for you. All these are rendered in 3D using the latest that technology has to offer, so your project will turn out to be a huge success.

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