2D Architectural Drafting Services

Affordable 2D Architectural Drafting, Design & Drawing Services with Revit & AutoCAD

We’re an affordable solution for bring your sketches of buildings or houses to life. Here at Eng-Source, the full list of services that we offer includes:

  • Building Envelope Shop Drawings
  • Custom Millwork Shop Drawings
  • Shop Drawing Services
  • 2D Drafting Services
  • 3D Modelling Services
  • 3D Rendering and Photorealistic Rendering Services

Read on to find out more about the 2D architectural drafting and design services offered by Eng-Source.

The Importance of 2D Drafting in Finishing a Project

As you may already know, 2D stands for two-dimensional and it is a type of drawing or sketch, which lets the viewer visualize how an image will look like from two viewpoints. Let’s say that you are a client who would like to build a futuristic house in a residential area. No matter how seemingly impossible it is to create your design, we can gauge the plausibility of the project by creating a 2D sketch first.

If you have a sketch of the house on a piece of paper which is made using a pencil, we can turn that into a working prototype design through our 2D drafting services. Our goal is to ensure that the drawing is reliable, accurately measured and looks exactly like the vision of the image that you have in mind.

Now, what is the benefit of creating a computerized or CAD-based drawing of the sketch that you have? First of all, you can decide if the project is a viable one or not. Civil engineers and architects will take a look at the 2D drawing of your design first and make a decision from there.

If you have any of the following, ENG-Source can professionally convert it into a 2D CAD image for you:

  • Hand drawings or scribbles
  • Sketches of the image on paper
  • Photographs
  • Raster images (non-vector)

Let’s say that you saw this amazing house in one of your travels abroad. You would like to have a similar exterior for your home, but you only have a snapshot of the building to show your architect or engineer. The first thing that needs to be done before the design can be implemented is to create a 2D image based from the photograph that you have. From this, the next steps to seeing your vision come to life will be implemented.

Tools Used for 2D Drafting

Here at ENG-Source, we have a team of expert CAD professionals, civil engineers, electronics engineers, computer engineers, architects, designers and experts who are all skilled at their particular fields. No matter how seemingly impossible it is for you to create a professional 2D drawing based on the sketch that you have, or the image of a structure that’s embedded in your mind, we can easily bring it to life. This is done with the help of 2D drafting tools used by our team of expert drafters including AutoCAD, Ansys, MicroStation, SolidWorks, StaadPro, 3DS Max, VRay, X-Steel, Unigraphics and more.

Why Use Eng-Source for Your 2D Drafting Services Projects?

Next, why should you book the 2D drafting services offered by ENG-Source? The primary reason is our pool of expert drawers, drafters and CAD designers who can easily put your thoughts on paper, then onto a more accurate computer sketch.

Affordability is yet another highlight of the services that we provide – ENG-Source lets you use your engineering resources only when you need it. Instead of paying excessive per hour rates, you can manage the time that your project is being finished by telling us exactly how you can meet your specific requirements.

We ensure utmost productivity to our clients because each full hour worked on your account is equal to 100% results. As a client, you don’t have to pay for bathroom breaks, sick days or extra overhead costs. You will get every cent of your money’s worth because each minute worked is accounted for.

Yet another reason to book our services is scalability. Whether you would like us to design a 2D image of your dream house, the complex piping system in your building, a futuristic commercial complex or any other structure, ENG-Source help you increase your engineering bandwidth for large projects.

Finally, the 2D drafting services that we offer is affordable. With the reliable, fast, results-driven and professional 2D drafting services that we provide, your project can be implemented in no time at all.

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